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The company's existing high and low temperature source and temperature control, vacuum acquisition and separation, reaction equipment and control of three main products, low temperature coolant circulating pump, low temperature constant temperature reaction bath, high and low temperature integrated machine, circulating water vacuum pump, rotary evaporator, double glass reactor and other six series, dozens of models of teaching instruments and equipment......

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——— Jinghua Instruments 4  Big advantage———

Ingenuity casting, Seiko quality, Jinghua instrument your trusted partner!

Craftsmanship casting, precision quality, Jinghua instrument your trustworthy partner!


The product range is rich and supportsProduct customization

A wide range of products, and support product customization

⊙ Jinghua Instruments is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, including six series of products, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, providing customers with temperature control solutions that are more suitable for their own use to meet various needs.


MultipleQuality inspectionProcedures, quality assurance

Multiple quality testing procedures to ensure quality

⊙ The strict product quality inspection team strictly controls the quality of raw materials and the production process. The finished equipment must go through multiple quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory, and will only be sent to you after being confirmed to be correct.

Enterprise advantage
Enterprise advantage

ExcellentTeam Support, after-sales worry-free

Excellent team support, worry-free after-sales service

The company has an experienced R & D team, from technical solutions to the installation and use of the whole process of support, to provide you with comprehensive technical services. Pre-sale, sale, after-sales complete service system one-to-one service, 24 hours of rapid response, for your use of escort.


The choice of many customers,Trustworthy

The choice of many customers, trustworthy

⊙ Products and services involve scientific research, culture and education, agriculture, forestry and environmental protection, inspection and quarantine, petrochemical, bioengineering, medical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. The products are distributed in Asia, Africa, North America, South America and other continents, covering most domestic universities and research institutes. And corporate laboratories.


The practical application of high and low temperature cycling machine and common experimental equipment supporting

The high and low temperature cycle integrated machine is a commonly used high and low temperature temperature control system in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It can perform refrigeration and heating control on reaction kettles, reactors, fermentation tanks, extraction, distillation, etc. So, how to match these equipments? These temperature control systems?


High and low temperature integrated machine manufacturers tell you to start the preparation matters

High and low temperature integrated machine Before we use the high and low temperature integrated machine, we must do a good job in preliminary preparations so that the equipment can operate well and stably. But many friends may not know how to do these preparations, so I will give you a detailed introduction below.


Talk about the future development of high and low temperature integrated machine

In recent years, the development of high and low temperature integrated machines has made great progress, changing the previous situation of low overall technological level and low production capacity. With the improvement of technology level, domestically produced high and low temperature all-in-one machines have gradually occupied a mainstream position in the market. With the improvement of people's consumption levels and the advancement of technology, high and low temperature all-in-one machines with gradually improved advanced technology will surely become The flagship product in the all-in-one market.


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Cooperation Customers

Jinghua instrument products are sold all over Asia, Africa, North America, South America and other continents,

Covering most of the domestic universities, research institutes and enterprise laboratories.


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